Family Game Nights Host Team

the vision

A casual, monthly gathering designed for families to meet & connect with other families.

our team structure:

Game Night Visionaries & Leaders


Designs the vision for how their venue will feel and function.

Selects games & activities that allows an easy in and easy out for families.

Determines room flow and set up.

Game Night Networker


Works as a team with Venue Visionary to create an amazing atmosphere and environment for families to experience community, with an emphases on networking families together, getting families engaged and co-mingling with each other. Ensures activities in room feel inclusive & easy to jump in to. Makes modifications as necessary to ensure every family experiences a community/connection win.

Game Night Welcomers


These people set the tone for the evening by providing a warm greeting, and giving each family an overview for how Family Game Night works & flows. Provides a quick tour, explains what's happening in each venue and encourages families to travel through the various venues unit they find the one that is the right fit for their family.

Social Networkers for Game Nights


This team promotes and markets Family Game night keeping it prominent in the newsfeeds, particularly once we're a week or two out from launching our opening night. Additionally, this team takes and feeds photos and cations and forwards them to Chesapeake's social media team to be used on Chesapeake's facebook page, Captures photos that can be used to promote Family Game Night the next month.


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