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Ski Trip

Each year, we take a wintery day to shred some slopes. While it may seem like an ordinary day at first glance, it quickly becomes something more meaningful when teens are building relationships with one another, inviting their friends who don't ordinarily get involved in church, and get a foot in the door of a Biblical community. Don't underestimate a day of fun! 

The 2018 High School Ski Trip is now full. Registration is now closed. For trip day information, you can still visit the HS Ski Trip page. If you have questions please contact Deb Bertolaccini at dbertolaccini@chesapeakechurch.org

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Events and trips are unique opportunities we take to help support a teen's spiritual journey by spending more time together to build relationships, having fun experiences, and take them outside of their comfort zones to experience something new. We aim to make each event appropriate for the age group and for a specific purpose.

Curious what our events are like? Check out our Videos page to see some of our highlight videos from previous events and trips.

Check this page throughout the year for online event information and registrations. For every event, we'll also have paper registrations at the Peake Youth Display at the LINK, right outside of the back auditorium doors. You can also drop off your paper registrations in the Event Registration box.

If you plan on attending one of our off-campus events, please fill out one of our Peake Youth Medical Forms and bring it with you to registration, or drop it off in the Event Registration box at the Peake Youth Display in THE LINK.